UK SME's Face an Annual Bill of More Than £2 billion for Commercial Debt Recovery... Just to Chase Late Payments 

Are You Getting Paid on Time?

Every Time?

Here's how Debt Doctors can help, by showing you...          

+ How to create "Killer" invoices.                                         + How late payment affects mental wellbeing.

+ An amazingly simple debt collection strategy.                + How you can build better customer relationships.        

+ How "Paid on Time" means increased margins.              + The TRUE cost of late payment.

+ The secret to eliminating costly legal enforcement.       + How you can HELP your customers to pay you.            

+ What you should be measuring, and why.                      + How to actually ASK for your money with ease.

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Here at Debt Doctors, there's only one thing on our minds...

Getting YOUR invoices "PAID on TIME" Every Time!


Maybe, but consider this...​​

If your business suffers from regular late payments and bad debts (which I guess it does, or you probably wouldn't be here reading this), you have four options:

  1. Credit control, which if you're dealing with stubborn and often aggressive late or non payers, can be extraordinarily time consuming, costly and demoralising. Credit control may lead on to, or you may go directly to...
  2. Debt recovery, which removes the time commitment from you but is often expensive and ultimately gives control of your customer to someone else. Perhaps you'll decide to implement immediate...
  3. Legal action, which if you engage solicitors may be extremely expensive, and often painfully slow, or if you go through the courts yourself, it is costly and extremely time consuming. Either option can lead to reduced payment and increased loss of profit. Your final option could be...
  4. Write the debt off. Well, for many reasons, this option will prove extremely costly for your business.

So, in medical terms …  well we are the Debt Doctors, your headache is late payment or bad debt, and your painkiller is one of, or a combination of credit control, debt recovery, legal action or write off.

As long as you keep using the pain killers, you'll keep relieving your headache.

But there may be strong side effects over time such as catastrophic reduction of cash or disastrous reduction in profit, either of which could lead to insolvency ... the untimely death of your business!

Wouldn't it be better for you to simply find the cause of the headaches and get it cured? 

That's what we will do for you.

Debt Doctors will carry out a thorough Health Check on your business, looking at several key business health indicators…

Once your business health check is complete, Debt Doctors will talk through your diagnosis and write your prescription, so you can access the treatment required to restore full health to your business.

In addition, you’ll have a treatment plan, so you know exactly what is going to happen and when. Treatment costs will be fixed and your treatment plan and after care, will last for a minimum of 6 months. 


Side effects such as a healthier bank balance, happier staff and less stress are common with this type of treatment, when taken as prescribed.

Prevention really is better than cure and a sale is only a gift until you receive payment, so make an appointment for a FREE, initial consultation now.

To arrange your FREE initial chat with a Debt Doctors Consultant, contact us, call 01536 333425 or Email [email protected] 

Debt Doctors … Getting You "Paid on Time" Through Confident Cash Flow, Consistent Credit Control and Stress Free Credit Management.