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"Cutting Bad Debt out of Your Business … For Good!"

At Debt Doctors, our job is to thoroughly examine your business and find out where the potential problems are that will stop your cash from flowing freely into your bank account. Because if the flow of cash to your bank is restricted or cut off, your business could slow down, stop completely, or worse … suffer catastrophic failure!

So, the Debt Doctors at Beacon Business Integrity, will carry out a thorough Health Check on your business, looking at several key business health indicators…

Healthy intake.

          Are you feeding your business good quality, healthy customers?

Has everything you put in, been properly prepared?

         Are your Terms and Conditions fit for purpose and protecting your business?

Is your Sales Communication Process undercooked?

        Do you have an effective credit control process?

How do you deal with and treat your Bad Debt symptoms?

        Are your phone calls, letters, emails etc. up to scratch and properly followed up or enforced?

How do you manage when something doesn’t agree with you?

       Do you have systems to deal with payment disputes and complaints?

Transfusions and recovery.

      Does your business have professional, efficient facilities to replace lost cash flow and ensure complete         recovery from illness?

Once your business health check is complete, Debt Doctors will talk through your diagnosis and write your prescription, so you can access the treatment required to restore full health to your business. In addition, you’ll have a treatment plan, so you know exactly what is going to happen and when.

Treatment costs will be fixed and your treatment plan and after care, will last for a minimum of 3 months. 


Side effects such as a healthier bank balance, happier staff and less stress are common with this type of treatment, when taken as prescribed.

Prevention really is better than cure and a sale is only a gift until you receive payment, so make an appointment for a FREE, initial consultation now, because the surgery is open and the Debt Doctors are ready to see you.

To arrange your FREE initial chat with a Debt Doctors Consultant, contact us, call 07963 766052 or Email [email protected] 

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