Cash Flow and Credit Management Health Audit

Please tell us your full trading name and address.
After we've sent your audit report, we'll call and talk through your audit report with you.
How much is outstanding according to your aged debtors ledger?
Who are your customers?*
Which of these positions are active in your business?*
Who sends out your invoices?*
Who is responsible for your "Sale to Invoice" process?*
Please tell us your terms in number of days
How many days on average, does it take for your invoices to be paid?*
Who in your business is responsible for chasing invoices?*
Do you have formal terms and conditions?*
Please give exact or approximate dates for both. Thank you.
Would you consider changing your terms of business if you could get your money sooner?*
Have you ever calculated the actual cost of a late or non payment to your business?*
Please take your sales from the last 12 months or last financial year and divide this by the number of invoices issued through the same period.
Do you have full financial background of your customers businesses and the directors (if appropriate)*
Would you consider outsourcing any of the following: (please tick the services you would outsource)*
Please tell us anything you believe may be helpful in completing your audit and if you have any specific issues/problems, please outline them, and we will be happy to offer best advice on a solution for you.
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Thank you! Your answers have been sent successfully and your audit report will be emailed to you within 3 working days.

Complete this audit questionnaire as acurately and in as much detail as possible.

Debt Doctors will review your responses and prepare a report for you within 3 working days.

Should you wish to include any other information after you have submitted your questionnaire, call us on 01536 33425.

Your cash flow and credit management health audit will allow us to see what is happening in your business right now and identify some key opportunities to improve your cash flow, strengthen your profits and enable you to build a "Paid on Time culture so you get paid on time, every time.