Sales Process

With UK SMEs Facing an Annual Bill of More Than £2billion JUST to Chase Late Payments … How are YOU Protecting YOUR Business?

Consider this...

Your digital business systems are protected by security programs, firewalls and a whole host software designed to achieve three things...

  • To prevent bad people from getting in 
  • To manage the situation if one does slip through the net 
  • To recover from any lost data or information resulting from the breach

And you implement and pay for these systems without a second thought, because they are crucial to your business operation and perhaps, to its very survival. But when it comes to security protocols and due diligence for your sales process … where you bring strangers and outsiders into your business, many business owners are simply paying lip service to it … or ignoring it altogether!

We understand how busy you are, which is why The Debt Doctors at Beacon have developed a simple, straightforward approach to help you Prevent, Manage and Recover from any illness or sickness that could affect your business at any time.

This is what we do, and we can do it by examining and diagnosing some important areas of your business...

  • Risk management - new customers
  • Relationship & risk management - existing customers
  • Terms of agreement
  • Account management
  • Dispute management
  • Credit control
  • Dealing with delinquent accounts
  • Enforcement & recovery.

You can select from our full list of services here, or...

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