If You do the Right Things in Your Business Process, Your Debtors are Far More Likely to Follow Your Example … by Paying on Time.

"Here at Debt-Doctors, we want to keep your business healthy so why not ask for a FREE Discovery and Diagnosis session; where we can examine your process, review the symptoms and begin to isolate the causes of your late payment or bad debt problem."

Bespoke Credit Management, Debt Prevention, Invoicing Strategy, Credit Control, and Debt Recovery services, designed to give your business strong, confident cash flow and a healthy bank balance.

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FREE 2-Hour Discovery and Diagnosis Session.

The first thing we like to do with our clients, is sit down and talk ... perhaps over coffee.

This will give us both an opportunity to decide if we like each other, and if we can work together.

This informal setting will also allow Debt-Doctors to discover how your processes currently work, what symptoms you are experiencing, such as persistent late payments, and client insolvencies, and then to diagnose the possible causes of those symptoms,  and where they are likely to be found in your process. 

Following your Business Process Health Check, we'll give you a prescription, which will enable you to plug any gaps and remove any weaknesses from your process, and if necessary, we'll help you create a new, end to end process for your business. 

You'll have a detailed Treatment Plan, which will include the creation of any communication pieces such as letters, emails, invoice messaging and phone calls etc., which you may need to use when communicating with your customers pre-sale, post-sale, pre and post-invoice, for credit control, or when dealing with disputes.

Comprehensive, Business Process Health Check Session. 

Based on your Discovery and Diagnosis session, we may agree the next step should be a comprehensive, full day or half day, Business Process Health Check. 

If so, we will spend a minimum half day with you in your business, reviewing your sales and communication process from customer acquisition through to credit control.

Together, we'll look at:

To complete your Health Check, we'll be reviewing your current outstanding accounts,  to assess recoverability and we'll also look at previously written-off debts up to six years old as these may be recoverable and produce some quick bottom line profit for you. 

If a debt management and recovery plan is appropriate, we will run through your options and costs, and based on the results of your audit, we will decide the most appropriate plan to give you a swift and seamless transition to professional debt management and recovery. 

Your agreed plan will continue to support you throughout the life of your business and may include any or all of the following...

  • FREE annual review of your Ts & Cs to update any changes in debt recovery law or protocols.
  • Unlimited debt recovery. (Between 15% and 20% + VAT commission payable on recovered monies)
  • Insolvency Support and Supervision service.
  • FREE; Debtor Tracing.
  • FREE and Unlimited Credit reports and background information for your new and existing clients.
  • Pre Action Protocols for construction and engineering debts.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • On line access to keep up to date.

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