Your Sales Communications are a Key Weapon in Your Fight for Confident Cash Flow...

How you communicate with your customers immediately before, during and after the sale, can have a huge effect on whether or not you get paid on time.

Strong and effective Sales Communications can be a major factor in supporting many aspects of your business, and one of those, perhaps the most important aspect, is your CASH FLOW.

If your financial arteries - your business processes, become blocked or broken, your cash will be delayed in it's journey to your bank account and worse, it may never get there at all. This will result in the business equivalent of a heart attack and one from which you and your business may never recover.

Debt-Doctors will keep your business arteries clear and help you maintain strong cash flow at all times by making sure you are running a "Fit For Purpose" process, covering several important areas...

Superior terms or, who's in charge here?

Terms as a bargaining tool 

Thanks for the business

Gathering information

Sales communications and Invoicing

Relationships and Credit Control

Internal business conflicts

We'll discuss these with you at your FREE 30-minute discovery chat, but we'll go through each individual item in great detail with you when you engage with us in a comprehensive Business Process Health Check

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