There's a Second Virus Taking Hold ... And it Could be Fatal for Your Business

You Need to Take a Test if Your Business is Suffering any of the Following Symptoms...

  • Bad debts
  • Writing-off accounts (historic symptom - up to six years old)
  • Periodic legal action
  • Frequent or occasional customer insolvencies
  • Disputed invoices
  • High anxiety and stress levels

These symptoms are a strong indicator that the 2nd virus is present in your business. What is it?...


You know already that the Covid-19 pandemic on its own, represents a clear and present threat to your business. But this 2nd virus is equally dangerous, and together they could be fatal.

Debt Doctors are prescribing a FREE, 60-minute examination of your business (usually charged at £75) to review and assess symptoms. We call it the "Five to Survive" clinic, and we'll spend at least 60-minutes with you looking at:

  1. Aged debtors (What could you be losing?)
  2. Current debts (What's recoverable and what's not)
  3. Historic write-offs (Could be some free cash waiting for you)
  4. T&Cs & contracts (Prevention is better than cure)
  5. Invoicing strategy (Do you have one? How is it working?)

Call 01536 333425 now, email: [email protected] or contact us here to book your 60-minutes in the "Five to Survive" clinic.

Your business heart will thank you for it.